Claddagh Rings Custom Made

Made To Order Claddagh Rings

Do a search on Google for 'claddagh rings' and you will find at least a few thousand rings to choose from, most of these would be readymade pieces - buy now and get delivery in a couple of days. So with all these rings around, why should you look for a custom claddagh ring. Nothing can explain this better than the Kaisilver custom claddagh ring in gold or 925 silver. The claddagh ring is widely acclaimed as the most meaningful jewel in history and this is rightly so. The significance of this ring is held in three main features of the jewel, the hands (togetherness and friendship), the crown (loyalty) and the heart (love). 

tanzanite claddagh ring
claddagh gemstone ring

Leave the Kaisilver claddagh rings aside and review the rings from other sources. In most cases, you would find that the hands are crudely etched into the metal. The entire jewel has a very hastily crafted look, interestingly that is how most claddagh rings are made. It is fine if all you wanted was a basic representation of the features of the original claddagh ring made 4 centuries ago. But if you were looking for a finely crafted rendition of this historical jewel, it is unlikely that you will find a better piece than the Kaisilver ring. 

rutilated quartz claddagh ring

Highlights Of The Kaisilver Claddagh Ring:

  • Custom made in gold or 925 silver, same quality standards for both metals. 
  • No limitation on ring size or gemstone option, all gems are custom cut. 
  • Each Kaisilver claddagh ring is fully custom made by skilled artisans.
  • The gold ring can be ordered in 10k, 14k or 18k gold in 3 gold colors. 
  • Retains all the essential features of the first ring made 4 centuries ago. 
  • We custom make claddagh rings for ladies and men. 
  • Equal emphasis is given to long term durability and beauty. 

With an unbeatable expertise in gemstone procurement and custom cutting, your claddagh ring can be custom made with just about any gemstone that you can think about. You have the same gem options for the gold and 925 silver rings, gem quality remains the same for both metal options. It is a great idea to choose a birthstone for your Kai Silver claddagh ring, while the ring will retain its deeper meaning the birthstone will make it even more special. 

jade claddagh ring
jade ring

So when can a person really wear a claddagh ring, is it a jewel for a special occasion or event. Let's repeat the meaning of the jewel - love, friendship and loyalty. These are qualities that apply to everyone at every time and every gender, so you don't have to wait for any specific occasion to wear or gift a claddagh ring. 

A very interesting trend is to wear a finely crafted claddagh ring as a wedding or engagement ring. It is no surprise that more than 50% of the claddagh rings worn for a wedding or engagement, are crafted by Kaisilver. This is because all custom made jewelry from this source is provided with fine workmanship, extremely skilled artisans and gem cutters are assigned to craft both silver and gold jewelry. 

Men's claddagh rings would essentially have the same features as the one worn by women, but some distinct variations do exist. As expected a men's claddagh ring would have larger dimensions overall, the ring size would of course depend on the finger size. A large proportion of men's claddagh rings are ordered with no gemstone, the entire ring is custom made in gold or 925 silver. It is not enough for men's claddagh rings to look big and impressive, the jewel should have an optimized metal weight to ensure that the ring withstands regular wear. Once again, the custom made claddagh ring option would be the best choice. 

If you are interested in getting a claddagh ring, make sure that you evaluate your options. Don't stop with external appearance, check features like ring design, workmanship, gold or 925 silver weight, gemstone selection, gem authenticity etc. Light weight jewels might be cheaper but, they can bend and deform easily. Bad workmanship can result in sharp and edges and pointed corners, loose gem mounting are also generally traced to substandard workmanship.