Gold earrings - essentials

Gold earrings can brighten your face and personality but for that to happen, you will need to understand all the possible options available for gold earrings. In this report we will talk about various issues and ideas related to gold earrings, you will also get some useful advice to help you pick the right pair of earrings. We all work with some budget in mind when making a purchase, the vast number of designs and gemstones offered in gold earrings means that price points can also differ widely. 

Gold Earrings Essentials

  • Gold earrings are available in 10k, 14k or 18k gold. 
  • Gold color options include white gold, yellow gold and pink gold. 
  • Simple well crafted gold stud earrings can have modest price tags. 
  • Gemstone gold earrings come in a dazzling array of gem colors, shapes and sizes. 
  • Gold earrings are often worn for special occasions like weddings and engagements. 

Jewelry buyers today are increasingly embracing sterling silver, the demand is generally for quality jewelry in sterling silver. This however does not mean that, gold earrings are on their way out. It is quite common for gold earrings to be worn for special events or occasions, many ladies prefer to wear plain or gem stone earrings when attending a formal gathering. It is always a good idea to include 925 silver and gold earrings in your collection. The moderate price of silver earrings allows you to have a wider range of earrings, you can then keep the gold earrings for occasional wear. 

While you could pick 18k, 14k or 10k earrings in all 3 gold colors, it is generally preferred to use 14k or 18k gold for quality jewelry. There is a price difference between these 'k' options for gold but, for gold earrings that are not too heavy, the price variation will not be very significant. When choosing gold gem stone earrings, review gold color options as certain gold colors can work to add beauty and grace to the gems set in them. Most of us would prefer not to wear very heavy gold earrings but, optimum gold weight is required to ensure that the earrings are strong and long lasting. Light weight earrings can sometimes imply a flimsy quality, stay away from these. 

Gemstones bring a whole color spectrum to jewelry and now jewelry buyers are looking for colors in metal too. Besides the choice of 18k, 14k and 10k gold earrings, you can also consider gold colors to make your earrings more attractive. While each one of us has our preference for specific gold colors, you need not be die-hard fan of any one color. Mix white, yellow and rose gold earrings into your collection, each color establishes some gorgeous relationships with various colored gems. You can then choose a pair of gold earrings based on your facial make-up, dress outfit and occasion. The basic rule is not to be too concerned of what someone else is wearing or what, is in trend and out of it. 

It is quite common for ladies to choose gold earrings when attending a special event or celebrating an important occasion. The availability of fine quality 925 silver earrings is moderating the keen desire for gold but, traditions still point towards gold. Before you rush and buy a pair of new gold earrings to be worn for that special occasion, review what you already have. Good quality gold earrings that are designed and crafted well, will retain their original shape and condition for a very long time. It is quite right to say that, earrings do not go through much wear and tear as compared to rings and bracelets. You might need to get your existing gold earrings cleaned and re-polished, your local jeweler should help you out with that. But if you have already earmarked a budget for a pair of new 14k or 18k gold earrings for the occasion, make a purchase by all means. 

Talking about special events and occasions, let's not forget bridal jewelry. Every bride wants to look pretty on the big day, hair, jewelry, shoes and dress - everything is meant to perform like an orchestra and gracefully complement each other. If you happen to be picking gold earrings for an engagement or wedding, try to be practical. Choose earrings that go well with your attire for the big day, but make sure that the earrings could be worn even after the event. Keep the dress color and hue in mind and review yellow, white and rose gold earrings. If you plan to wear an elaborate or glittering necklace on that day, keep the earrings simple - the gem color would ideally harmonize with the color tone of the necklace. Basically you want your bridal gold earrings to be visible but,  would not like them to scream out or be too flashy. 

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