Selecting The Gem, Ruby Ring

Ruby Ring, Essential Gemstone Info

So you wish to get yourself a nice ruby diamond ring, you are keen to pick a pretty design and work on a price point that is within your budget. Choosing a ruby gemstone ring merely base on price and looks, could be a recipe for disaster. In all probability, cost component of the gem could exceed the value of the diamonds and the gold in the ring. The world of ruby gemstones is tempting, gorgeous and expensive. You want to get some basic information right before, investing your money. This report should go a long way in educating you about this amazing gem. 

Natural and Synthetic: A natural ruby is mined from the ground, a synthetic ruby is a clone manufactured in a factory. This report presumes that, you are looking for a ruby diamond ring with a natural gemstone. Choosing a reputed jeweler should ensure that, the gem in your ring is natural and not man made. If you are in doubt or happen to be paying a fat bill for the ruby ring, insist on an authenticity certificate from a well known gem testing laboratory. In any case, working with a jeweler that you can trust is a great move.

Gemstone Origin: It is very likely that the ruby offered to you is mined in Mozambique or Burma (Myanmar). You should however know that, ruby mines exist in at least a dozen nations but, those two countries supply most of the rubies sold and used by the industry. Jewelers do charge a premium for Burmese rubies, consider whether you want to pay more for your ruby diamond ring just because, it is mined in a specific location. In our opinion you should line your priorities as follows - a natural ruby, looks good to your eye and fits within your budget. If you have a substantial fund to spend for your ring, the choice of origin might be influenced by your fancy. 

Ruby Treatment: It has been almost a century that, humans have learned to heat rubies. This process improves the clarity and color of the stone. This treatment is referred to as 'heating' or 'old heat' process. It is fine if the ruby gemstone in your ring is heated through this process. In the last few decades, miners and cutters have learnt to enhance the heating process of rubies by adding various elements to the furnace. Beryllium heat treated rubies and glass filled rubies are what the trade should refer to them as. These treatments if applied to a gem need to be clearly mentioned by the seller,  sadly this is often not the case. A beryllium heat treated ruby should be priced much lower than a ruby, heated by the old process. A glass filled ruby should be quite inexpensive, it also requires specific precautions to be taken when being worn, stored or cleaned. 

Gem Certification: There are private and independent gem testing services available near most jewelry and gemstone trading centers. Depending on the jeweler and the price of the ruby gemstone ring, the cost of gem certification might be born by the jeweler or passed on to the buyer. We would recommend that every ruby ring costing 500 U.S$ and above, have a gem authentication certificate from a reputed laboratory. 

Now that you have a fairly good idea of what to  check for before purchasing a ruby diamond ring, what would be a good price to spend on the jewel. This is going to be a complicated question as the variables are far too many. However, it would seem that a ruby ring with a price range of around 2,500 U.S$ to  5,000 U.S$, will make a good investment. Buying online can get you a good deal but, avoid websites that provide scant information and are too eager to push you into  the 'Buy Now', 'Express Checkout', 'Add To Cart' mode. A high end jewel like a ruby ring is too big a decision to be handled by an automated transaction processor. 

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